Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bee Can Read!!!

     Bee read her first story, Fat Cat, Fat Rat.  Ok, it was an extremely short story with only six words, but she read it all by herself.  We started Hooked on Phonics about a week ago.  She already knew all of her letters, upper and lower case, but in a week she learned the letter sounds enough to read.

     I would recommend this program for any homeschool Mom who wants to teach their children phonics.  It starts out with Letter flashcards.  You follow along the with the CD to learn the letter sounds.  It also has a computer game disk that reinforces the skills they have already learned and when you close it down it gives you a total list of the words your child knows. Glory wants to play the games all the time.  It also comes with a sticker chart that allows the kids to keep track of the books they have read.

     I am so excited!! My 4 year old is well on her way to reading.  I hope learning phonics at a young age will make her a better speller then I am.

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