Thursday, September 30, 2010

Kindergarten Week 3

     The Week of Apples is upon us.  I must say it is late in the season for this theme.  If I had plan the year all over again I would do this week much earlier.  Like most kids, my daughter LOVES apples.  She loves all kinds of apples, but most of all she loves applesauce.  I think she could live for a year on applesauce alone. 

Our book for this week was How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World by Marjorie Priceman.  Ever make an apple pie?  It's very easy as long is the market is open.  Want to know how to make an apple pie if the market is closed.  Read this adorable book and find out.  The book even includes a recipe in the back of the book to make your own.  The instructions are very easy to follow and the pie was super yummy.

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Monday, September 27, 2010

The Unexpected Blessing

On September 8th, our third wedding anniversary, I woke up and discovered we had received the best present ever.  There were two little lines, for those of you who don't know that is a positive.  We are pregnant!  After years of trying and the loss of "Baby Bee" last year we are so full of joy with this unexpected blessing.

     September 13th we had our first doctor's appointment and confirmed that we are in fact pregnant.  After asking TONS of medical information they decided that I was going to be high risk and scheduled an ultrasound for two weeks later.

     Today, September 27th, was the day of our first ultrasound.  The ultrasound went great.  They confirmed our due date and we got to see the baby's heartbeat.  It was beating 138 beats per minute, perfect.  We then had an appointment with my doctor which was rather upsetting.  I have so many high risk factors that she is sending me to see the perinatologist.  I may even have to have a cervical cerclage put in. Needless to say I left ready to cry.  Then after some prayer I remembered the most important thing.  God is still God and He is still in control.  He already know what the future holds for this baby and I am choosing to trust in Him.  I am asking for prayers from everyone.
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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Kindergarten Week 2


   The week of trees is upon us.  In case you were wondering that means this week our theme is Trees.  We are reading A Tree is Nice by Janice May Udry.  Bee seems to really be enjoying school so far and loves the art and music part of the curriculum.  She is picking up on everything very quickly.  I am really enjoying the curriculum.  For the most part it is very easy to use and does not require a lot of extra prep time from me. 
    We have also had our first week of Ballet & Tap class and I thought Bee was going to burst from excitement.  She is in a class of less then a dozen little girls and says, "everyone is just lovely."  She is so excited for class next week and daily begs to "practice" her tap everyday.
     I hope to have some exciting news to be sharing with everyone next week, so keep your eyes peeled.
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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The First Week of Kindergarten

     This week we started our first week of homeschool Kindergarten.  Bee is so excited to be a "school-ager."  We are really enjoying Memoria Press' Kindergarten curriculum.  The curriculum not only covers the basics like phonics, math, bible but it also covers art, music and an extensive amount of reading.  Next week we will begin our dance class and a weekly trip to the library.  I also hope to have a weekly field trip that goes with our weekly theme.
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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Count Down is on.

      It's September and this year brings some very special events.  On the 3rd my daughter will be celebrating her second adoption birthday.  In my family, where there are a lot of adoptions, we celebrate the final court date as a new birth into the family.  Two years ago my wonderful husband adopted my daughter from a previous marriage as his own.  Even though he has always treated her as his own we celebrate the day.

Bee pretending to talk on the phone, just like Mr. Daddy.
     On the 8th I will celebrating my third wedding anniversary.  My husband likes to say he had a buy one get one free marriage.  Just thinking about that day makes me smile.  My husband looking so handsome.  We decided not to write our own vows, we knew we would cry.  We wrote sweet notes to each other about what we would say instead.  In moments of reflection I get the note out and read it.  Of course there are tears of joy.  There are many things about the day I will always remember.  My daughter dancing around in her little pink dress, not know what the big deal was about. 

     On the 13th my baby will be starting Kindergarten.  We are homeschooling, but still it is a huge deal.  It seems like only yesterday she was just born.  Now she is starting off into the world.  My how time does fly.

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