Monday, September 27, 2010

The Unexpected Blessing

On September 8th, our third wedding anniversary, I woke up and discovered we had received the best present ever.  There were two little lines, for those of you who don't know that is a positive.  We are pregnant!  After years of trying and the loss of "Baby Bee" last year we are so full of joy with this unexpected blessing.

     September 13th we had our first doctor's appointment and confirmed that we are in fact pregnant.  After asking TONS of medical information they decided that I was going to be high risk and scheduled an ultrasound for two weeks later.

     Today, September 27th, was the day of our first ultrasound.  The ultrasound went great.  They confirmed our due date and we got to see the baby's heartbeat.  It was beating 138 beats per minute, perfect.  We then had an appointment with my doctor which was rather upsetting.  I have so many high risk factors that she is sending me to see the perinatologist.  I may even have to have a cervical cerclage put in. Needless to say I left ready to cry.  Then after some prayer I remembered the most important thing.  God is still God and He is still in control.  He already know what the future holds for this baby and I am choosing to trust in Him.  I am asking for prayers from everyone.
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