Sunday, October 24, 2010

Kindergarten Week 6

Welcome to the Week of the Mouse!  This week we ready Frederick by Leo Lionni.  Winter is coming to a small group of mice.  While everyone else is working hard to collect food Frederick is acting strange.  Read the book and find out why. 

I can't say that this book was my favorite.  While everyone else is working hard to ensure that there will be food for the winter, Frederick is not helping.  Bee pointed out that he should be helping too. 

This week we learned in phonics about making a word possessive, the "th" consonant blend, and all about the exclamation point.  I believe Bee enjoyed the exclamation point, because she got to be dramatic.  In math we learned about addition this week. 

We shortened our week due to a last minute trip we decided to take with my Mother in law.  It was a long car trip but well worth it. Next week's theme ... All Saints Day.
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