Wednesday, November 10, 2010

30 Days of Thankfulness - Days 6-10

I have been slacking my blogging duties.  I am so sorry.  I will try to catch up and stay caught up from now on.  Now on to feeling thankful.

Day 6
     I am thankful for the option to homeschool.  I know that there are good schools and good teachers out there, but I am so thankful for the option to make the right choice for my family.  We enjoy the freedom of including God in all of our lessons every day.  We have better educational opportunities for daughter and we can specialize her learning to her. 

Day 7
     I am thankful for naps.  I am not usually a nap in ther afternoon sort of person, but with being pregnant naps are so nice to me right now.  I look forward to the time every day when Bee goes down for quiet time.  She no longer naps but quiet time allows me one to two hours of time for myself.  Some how the world always looks better after a nap.

Day 8
     I am thankful for 24 hour Super Wal-marts.  Some times you need something in the middle of the night.  It could be ice cream, medicine, or candy but Wal-mart has it and they are open. 

Day 9
     I am thankful for good books.  I love Captivating by John and Stasi Eldridge.  I first read the book when I was pregnant with Bee.  It touched my life and made me cry.  I think I have read the book six times and every time I read it I find something new.  This book never fails to touch my life in the moment.  I recommend anything by John or Stasi.

Day 10
     I am thankful for long time friends.  Have you every had one of those friends that you could go years and not see or hear from each other, that it's like old times when you finally do?  This is my "oldest" friend Mama Rosie.  I say "oldest" because we have known each other since the 7th Grade.  We have walked with each other through the many highs and lows of life.  We always say we are still friends because we know too many of the others secrets, but the truth is we are just as close as family.  I hope one day my children have a friend like that.

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