Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Kindergarten Week 8


     Welcome to the week of Old Settlements vs. Now.  I know I am late getting this week out, but last week we had Bee's Birthday and this Saturday we had her party. I'm so sorry I am late. 

    This week in Phonics Bee got to read a couple short stories.  She loves to read all by herself and is really getting very excited about school.  In Math she is working on addition, and she is up to addition problems that add up to 3.   Math really seems to come easily to her.  I hope that continues through her life. The Bible verse for the week is:
Make thee an ark of gopher wood. 
 Genesis 6:14

     Our book of the week was Ox-Cart Man by Donald Hall.  The was well written and had beautiful pictures.  It lead to a very length conversation about why things are different now then they were in the old days.  It brought up such questions as: What are sweaters made out of?  Do people still have sheep to make wool? How did they make candles?  Do people still do somethings the "old" way?  Bee enjoyed the book to say the least.

Tune in for week 9 the Week of the COW.

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