Thursday, November 11, 2010

Kindergarten Week 9

Welcome to the week of the cow. 

     What happens when the most peaceful bull is accidentally chosen to fight in the big bull fight?  Read Munro Leaf's "The Story of Ferdinand" and find out.  This is a wonderful story that kids and grown ups alike will enjoy. 

     This week in Phonics we read a couple of short stories and we did a word review.  On Friday Bee did four assessments and passed them all.  Next week we will begin the part B of her Phonics series. 

     In Math we learned the 4 Addition family.  Bee seems to really seems to enjoy addition. 

     Our Bible verse for this week is:
And the rain was upon the earth for forty days
and forty nights.
Genesis 7:12

     This week for our craft we made stained glass leaf windows.  We got the instructions from  The instructions are super simple and easy to follow.  I will say that getting the little pieces of crayon was the most difficult part.  Bee loves the result and it looks great on our sliding glass door.

Join us next time for the Week of the Pancake!

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