Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Kindergarten Week 20-25

I have failed you all yet again.  I allowed myself to get behind on blogging about our homeschool week.  I am saying that being pregnant is making my life a little busier.  Back to the matter at hand.

Week 20
Welcome to the week of Town Life.  This week we read Roxaboxen by Alice McLerran. When we are little the places we imagine become real.  This book tells all about once such place a group of children have created.

Bee loves dress up and make believe so this book was right up her alley.  She wanted to go out and create one of her own.  The illustrations were beautiful and only made her want to go play dress up that much more.

This week for craft Bee drew a picture of her own imaginary town. She named it The Robot City. It's where the robots live with beautiful flowers and bees.

Week 21
Welcome to the week of Ground Hog Day.  This week we read Gregory's Shadow by Don Freeman.  What happens when Gregory Gound Hog loses his shadow?  Read this cute book  and find out. 

This week for craft we made silhouette art.  I had Bee "hold still" and traced her silhotuette outline on to black paper. I then cut it out, It was to difficult for her to cut. 

I had her glue the black cut out onto a white background.

Then we enjoyed our piece of art. 

Week 22
Welcome to the week of Food & Taste.  This week we read Stone Soup by Marcia Brown.  Who would have thought such wonder soup could be made from a stone? 

Glory loved how smart the soldiers were in tricking the silly people.  She knew right away it was just because the soldiers got the people to work together that everyone had soup. 

This week for craft we made a Taste Book.  I put together some pictures for all the basic tastes and Bee colored them all.

I then stapled it together with a beautiful pink cover.

Week 23
Welcome to the week of President's Day.  This week we read George Washington by Ingri and Edgar Parin D'Aulaire.  This book covers the majority of our first presidents life from birth to presidency. 

This week for craft we made a Tri-Corner hat. 

Bee's was more colorful then historical fashion would allow, but she enjoyed making it.

Week 24
Welcome to the week of Fish and Flags.  This week we read Abe's Fish by Jen Bryant.  What happens when a young Abe comes across a hungry solider?  This story describes the humble beginnings of Abe's life and how his mother taught him to put the needs of other's before himself.
This week for craft we made an American Flag. 

I did most of the cutting but Bee did the gluing

 and the star sticker placement.

Week 25
Welcome to the week of Birds.  This week we read All Things Bright and Beautiful by Cecil Alexander.  Bee enjoyed this beautiful book and loved that it had a song to go with it.

For craft we made The Ten Most Common Birds book. 

I put together different pictures of the birds and Bee colored them all.  I stapled it all together in a bright yellow cover. 

We also made a bird feeder this week with some cereal and some yarn. 

I simply cut s piece of yarn and allowed Bee to string cereal to her heart's desire.

Then I tied off the string

and we hung it up outside for our little bird friends.

Tune in next time for a week of My Town in Spring.

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