Saturday, March 19, 2011

Kindergarten Week 27 & 28

     This is a very unusual week we completed TWO weeks worth of school work in only one week.  I am very proud of all the hard work Bee put into getting this done.  We did this in hope of  completing our school year early.  So lets get on with our weeks of work.

Week 27
Welcome to the Week of the Ocean.  What happens when hermit crab out grows his shell?  He finds a new one of course.  A House for Hermit Crab by Eric Carle is a cute story about how a hermit crab wants to make his home a better place to be. 

Bee loved the pictures and loved how the different types of animals all helped each other to make their lives better.  Read the book and find out what happens to his friends when hermit crab out grows his shell again.

This week for craft we painted a blue boat, like the one we saw in our piece of art this week.  

The Blue Boat by Winslow Homer
Bee's Blue Boat

 Week 28

Welcome to the Week of Islands. This week we read The Little Island by Margaret Wise Brown.  Find out how the little island proves to a small kitten that it isn't small and unimportant.

The pictures are beautiful and Bee thought the kitten was silly.

This week for craft we planted grass.  We had bought Bee a cute bumble bee container that you grow grass in.  It comes with a dirt pellet that you add water to and it expands. 

You put 3/4 of the dirt in the container.  Then you put in the seeds and the rest of the dirt.


Next you place the container some place where it can get plenty of sun and make sure it gets water every day. 

Bee can't wait until the grass grows so her bee will have crazy hair.  I must say this craft was easy and fun for us.

Come visit next week and see what we have been up to!

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