Friday, September 16, 2011

The Homeschool Weekly Buzz - Week 1

Join me and the Homeschool Mother's Journal as we recap our week.

In my life this week…Everything else seems to be going crazy. One of my sister's has moved to our area and we are trying to help her out by watching her boys while she's trying to find a job and child care.  Bug is teething and not wanting to sleep in her own bed.  I am having to resort to letting her sleep in her swing in our room.  I have been trying to play catch up with sleep because of our little one.

In our homeschool this week…This was our first week of homeschool this year and it was a rocky one.  Bee is having a hard time paying attention and listening to instructions.  I'm sure it's very hard to do when there is a crying baby and a 3 year old cousin making noise.

This week our Theme was Tea Party.  We read Miss Spider's Tea Party by David Kirk.

It was a very cute book about a spider who just wants to be friendly to the bugs around her.  Bee was very upset with the other bugs because they were not very nice to Miss Spider.  Read the book and find out what happens when a moth is trapped and can't escape Miss Spider.

This week we have done a lot of reviewing for Phonics and Math.  I have to keep reminding Bee that once we are through reviewing we will be learning new more difficult things.  She is enjoying her new subject of Reading and can't wait for the Cursive to start too.  We are taking things slow for Sign Language so far. We have watched one Signing Time video and reviewed some basic signs.  For Social Studies we talked about Tea Party manners and etiquette.  For Science we discussed the Tea plant and how it's grown.

Bee did struggle with her first spelling test this week. She did fine on all her words but completely missed the point of her dictation sentence.  We practiced for the dictation sentence 3 times this week and she still didn't get it.

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…This weekend we are going to Mr. Daddy's Dad and Step-Mom's for her birthday.
Questions/thoughts I have…I'm wondering when I should start giving Bee a graded score for things. I'm feeling a little lost here.

Things I’m working on…I'm trying to figure out a schedule for our household and homeschool. *sigh* I feel like I'm lost in a sea of things to get done and have NO direction. It is driving me CRAZY!

I’m praying for…I want the right attitude about where my life is and where it's going while I deal with this frustrating time.

A photo, video, link, or quote to share…
The First day of School!
Until next time.

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