Thursday, September 8, 2011

Where have I been?

I'm sorry that I just suddenly disappeared but my hard drive on my laptop died.  Here's what has happened since then:

*Easter - We had Easter at my tiny apartment this year.  All of my family came down and despite all the contractions Bug didn't arrive early.

*My Birthday - It was very quiet this year because we didn't want to end up in the hospital delivering Bug early.

*Bug Arrived - Her C-Section was moved up to May 2nd because of low level of fluid.  Everything went fine and she arrived beautiful and healthy.  She was 6 pounds even and 17 1/2 inches long.  She was loved and adored by everyone.
Bee LOVES her new sister and didn't really like having to share her with all the grandparents. She's not jealous, this is her baby.

*We moved - We moved to our new apartment and LOVE the new place.  We have several wonderful new neighbors.  Bee has made a new friend already.

We are started our homeschool year on Monday, September 12th.  Bee and I are very excited.  I look forward to sharing with you all.

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