Monday, April 2, 2012

Homeschool Year of Sickness

This year of homeschooling has been a crazy one.  Kindergarten was the year of doctor's appointments, with me being a high risk pregnancy with Bug.  First Grade seems to be the year of sickness.  It seems as if one person just gets over being sick and another person gets sick. 

Regardless of all else we are bravely moving forward with the school year.  I have had to rearrange our school year plan 3 times already this year and I may have to do it one more time.  We are doing something extra special this year and we have planned a mini vacation for the end of April.  We are taking a trip to Branson, MO. 

Bee LOVES going there and can't wait for Silver Dollar City.  We are going to be there during their World Fest.  I believe Bee just likes that they have rides she can go on all by hers self.  Mr. Daddy loves all the shows.

We are also considering some future changes for our family. Please pray for God's guidance for our family. Thank you!

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