Sunday, June 9, 2013

Gone for about a year - Sorry!

I know I have been missing for about a year.  There have been some big changes happening.

We decided to change some things up. Mr. Daddy and I decided we would try being a family teaching couple, meaning I would go back to work.  We were hoping it would work out well with our homeschooling.  We helped provide care for three adults with special needs.  We did enjoy the people we helped and made some great friends.  The job didn't work out well with our family's schedule and we were having to send Bug to day care every day.  We decided that it was best for our family to find a different working situation.  I took a job doing billing at a closed door pharmacy and Mr. Daddy continued to work part-time with adults with special needs.

In February we got a HUGE surprise! We were pregnant with our 3rd!  After a talk about child care costs and homeschooling Mr. Daddy decided it was time to look for a different job. He wanted to find something to provide enough for me to stay at home with all the kids.  Shortly after he started the training for his new job we found out baby #3....

Everyone was excited with the news!

 I gave notice at work and will be done very soon.  I'm looking forward to an easier to manage family schedule.  I'm hoping I will also be able to get back to my blogging.
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