Sunday, August 18, 2013

Hospitalized Bed Rest

Day 7   

     Today marks the 7th Day I have been In the hospital for observation. It all started on Monday.  The day started out like normal.  I was in the the play room with the girls when I suddenly felt like I peed on myself.  I rushed to the bathroom to clean up.   When I got there I realized we had a problem.  I hadn't peed on myself there was blood.  I called my doctor's office and talked to the nurse. Because both the doctor's office and hospital were 20 minutes away the worked me in to see a doctor in their practice in my town.

     I was so blessed that the lady who had been watching the girls could while I went to this appointment. After they found the baby's heartbeat, there wasn't any bleeding, and I had had some very high blood pressure they sent me to the hospital I will deliver at for observation. No one told me that I would be there for at least 24 hours. They thought that my pregnancy induced hypertension was turning into preeclampsia and my son would be born that  day, just one day short of 34 weeks.  I was seen by perinatoligists and not told anything. They only thing they would say was I wasn't going home today,  maybe tomorrow?     

I had some doctors and nurses say some rude things tome about babies dying and becoming vegetable myself.  They refused to listen when I told them being here was stressing me out. I could leave against medical advice, but I would probably end up killing the baby, myself, or both. 

     There are many reasons I picked my OB/GYN when I got pregnant with Bug, but the reason I was willing to drive 20 minutes each way for appointments was she always told me the truth.   Even if she knew I wouldn't like the answer. She told me the risks without trying to scare me and told me my options.   After having an impressive breakdown, after several days of maybe tomorrow,  my doctor decided it was best to help me calm down with some medicine.     

     After 5 days of maybe tomorrow and tripling my blood pressure medicine everything looked like I would finally be able to go home. Then I got one test back that showed protein in my urine.  That sealed the deal, they were labeling me as having mild preeclampsia.  I am staying at the hospital until my son was born and they would let me go no farther then 37weeks.  If my blood pressure goes high they will take him that day.

     It seems strange,  but this actually helped me be calm.  We had a cut off date, September 3rd, and we could make plans of how we would take care of the girls.  It is my  goal to make it to September 3rd, but I would be happy with September.  The girls are staying with my mom until he arrives.  It was a hard decision to make,  but we hope it provides them with some stability.   They both get a little weepy, but are doing well.
      Mr Daddy is doing well, but worried if he's making the right choices for the family.  I know it's hard on him having to work, knowing he could get a call that we are heading to surgery.   The hope is there will be enough time for him to make the drive and be in the operating room when our son is born.      

      I'm simply trying to remain calm and not get bored.   Only 14 more days until September, and 16 days until the 3rd.

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