Monday, June 30, 2014

Project Downsize

Have you ever looked around your house and thought, we have too much stuff?  This happens to me every time we move, so about once a year.  Yes, it's true.  For the past almost eight years we have moved about once a year.

Once again I'm facing another move with all of our stuff.  Every year I try to go through our stuff and get rid of stuff we don't need or use.  This year is very different and to understand why I need to explain what has been stuck in my head lately.

This spring, when we began looking for a new place to rent, a sense of dread came over me.  I have to pack us up with three kids under foot.  I told my friend I was tired of packing and moving.  I joked that we should just live in a RV.  She said we could park it on their land when they buy a place.  Then all seven of our combined kids could play together.  When I told Mr. Daddy he thought it was funny.  At this point a "normal" person would forget about the idea and get on with the process of moving.  Those of you who know me, stop laughing.  The rest of you stick around and you will find out that I'm anything but "normal."

So I entered "living in a RV full time," into the search engine.  Surprisingly several websites about doing this with kids were listed.  This lead to my discovering roadschooling.  Roadschooling is people who live and travel in RVs while homeschooling.  After discovering how this is a real thing, that is actually possible, I knew it was time to talk to Mr. Daddy.  

One evening, while we were relaxing after the kids were in bed, I told him about the research I had done.  I said I wanted us to pray and do some serious consideration.  Mr. Daddy gave me the look he gives me when he thinks I'm obsessing over something.  Needless to say, we had a very long discussion.  We decided to rent a RV for our next vacation, later this year, and see how we like it.  We agreed to not rush the process and to pray about it.  knowing how I am Mr. Daddy has agreed to let me attempt to downsize and organize our stuff.  This brings me to Project Downsize.

The purpose of Project Downsize is to rid our family of extra, unneeded "stuff."  My thought is to go through our belongings and determine what we truly need.  I do not mean we are going to get rid of everything else.  We are going to be very selective of what we keep.  We are also limiting what we buy or bring into the house.  This may become difficult on birthdays or Christmas.  We have three sets of grandparents who are very generous.  I'm sure once we explain what we are trying to accomplish they will be supportive.

This brings me back to my current situations, packing and relocating the household.  I'm am determined to make a large dent in downsizing before the move. So I ask you to join me as I attempt the daunting task of downsizing our stuff. 

Until next time,

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