Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Mama's Shoes

A long time ago, in a galaxy called my life before kids, I owned shoes. At one time I owned over 50 pairs. I'm not a girly girl, but I love the way a pretty pair of heels make me feel.  Heels were something easy, unlike makeup, that made this tomboy feel like a beautiful lady.  When I was a young business professional I wore heels daily even if I put flats on as soon as I got to the office.

When I became a stay at home mom five years ago I got rid of several pairs, but I still kept most of them.  Every so often I would wear a pair to church or out on a date with Mr. Daddy,  but the time in between grew farther and farther apart.  Each time we would move I would pack them up and move them too.  I would only throw out a pair if they broke or wore out.  When this happened I would usually replace the pair with a new one. 

As I began Project Downsize I didn't really think about my collection of shoes.  The day of the move is drawing closer and it is time to address my shoes.  The girls helped me drag all my shoes into the living room floor and I started going through them.  As I got rid of shoes the girls tried them on and attempted walking in them.  I would have thought the process would be hard, but it wasn't.  The necessity of being able to chase after my kids, especially Bug, far out weights my need to feel like a lady.  Some days I would settle for just feeling human.

I now have less then a dozen pairs of shoes.  I only kept one pair of heels.  They are gorgeous, and are the ones I was wearing when Mr. Daddy purposed to me. 

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