Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Downsizing Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and I wanted to give you a little update on Project Downsize.  We moved again in the middle of November and did some more purging.  I would recommend purging every time you move, regardless of how often that may be.  I feel like we are doing a good job of keeping the "stuff" out of our home, but Christmas is almost here. How do you downsize Christmas?

Lucky for us we started this process last year without realizing it.  As I have mentioned before our kids have plenty grandparents, 3 grandmas, 1 grandpa, and 1 great grandma.  Like all grandparents they love to spoil their grandkids and go all out for Christmas.  Last year we decided things were getting out of control and decided to make Christmas less about the gifts.  I was inspired by this pin on Pinterest to only give each child 4 gifts.
The 4 Gifts of Christmas
Something you want.
Something you need.
Something to wear.
Something to read.
 It went over surprisingly well with the girls.  This year I took it one step farther and explained to the grandparents how we are trying to simplify our life.  I gave recommendations for magazine subscriptions, lessons, or activities.  Come Christmas morning we will see how it goes.

 In case I don't get time to post again until next year:

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