Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Homeschool Weekly Buzz - December 13, 2014

Join me and Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers, as we recap our week.

In my life this week...This week feels like it flew by. We are in the process of trying to find a new church in our new town.  Finding a church where you fit in and it meets all your needs can be tricky.  We were hoping for a church with a Saturday or Sunday evening service so Mr. Daddy could attend with us.  One of the down falls of his promotion is he has to work Sundays.  Honestly, it can be stressful for me to take all three kids by myself.  The girls did great, but Mr. Mister doesn't like being away from me, so I end up spending my time in the nursery with him.  I was hoping for a church with a room for parents to take fussy kids and still be able to hear the service.  Maybe I just missed it this week. 
     Mr. Daddy found out late last week that he had to attend a meeting in Kansas City.  He was going to leave Tuesday morning and not get back until very late Wednesday or early morning Thursday.  We discussed the possibilities of the whole family going, but we couldn't afford the cost of gas.  I was disappointed that we wouldn't be able to visit with family and friends, but was glad he was able to have a bit of a break from all the working he has been doing.  The kids did fairly well, but Bug asked me several times a day if Mr. Daddy was coming home soon "for Christmas."  It was bitter sweet. 
     When I did research about the homeschool community in this area I was excited at the prospect of a large homeschooling community.  After being here about a month, I feel disappointed.  I joined a local Facebook page, but they never seem to post any information about activities.  I guess I'll have to get way out of my comfort zone and start asking more questions.  I believe the kids will do better when they have more activities to keep them busy.
In our homeschool this week...Bee continues to slowly work her way through her school work.  She goes through days where she does great and gets done quickly.  Then she has days where it's a constant battle just to get through the day. 
     I have made more of an effort to find some extra activities for the girls.  I have looked at the local library, parks and recreation, and the YMCA.  I'm running out of places to look.
My favorite thing this week was...I enjoyed the short amount of time I was able to spend singing Christmas songs in the church, before Mr. Mister threw such a fit I had to go spend the rest of my time with him in the nursery.
My kiddos favorite thing this week was...The girls really enjoyed getting to meet new friends at the church we tried out.
Things I'm working on...This week I'm working on three things:
  1. Finding extra activities for the kids.
  2. Planning meals out in advance.
  3. Getting ready for Christmas.  My goal is to have a gift plan of action. It's very late for me to be starting but the move and job promotion has put me off my normal schedule.
I'm cooking...I need to start baking cookies this week. Mr. Daddy wants his favorite peanut butter cookies and the girls want sugar and snicker doodle cookies.  I also may bake some banana bread.  I may do some research and try some new recipes.
I'm grateful for...I'm grateful for the friendly people we meet at church this week.  It's so nice to have people just come up and introduce themselves when you are new.  There was one gentleman that just made the Bee's day by showing her pictures of his horses.
I'm praying for...I'm praying our old home is subleased soon.
A photo, video, link, or quote to share...

Until next time,
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  1. I am with you on meal planning! I used to do that..what happened? lol It made life so much easier.


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