Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Homeschool Weekly Buzz - February 28, 2015

Join me and Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers, as we recap our week.
In my life this week... This week we were hit with two different snow storms.  We were hit with one snow storm at the beginning of the week that canceled church on Sunday. 
We were pretty much stuck in the house until Tuesday when we had to run a bunch of errands.  Wednesday night we drove to Wichita for meetings for Mr. Daddy and a little break for the rest of us.  Thursday I spent all day trying to keep the kids from running crazy while they were cranky and tired.  Friday we were planning on doing some site seeing in town,  but since there was another snow storm heading in already we headed home instead.  I know Mr. Daddy and I were so glad to be home and sleeping in our own bed.  After goi
ng to bed early last night and a long nap today we are finally getting back to normal.
In our homeschool this week... Bee was mostly finished for the week before our little trip and easily finished today.  She also tried out the new typing software I got for her.  She really enjoyed it.  I also have been trying out the Rosetta Stone Spanish software we recently purchased.  I like it so far.  We will see how everyone else feels about it soon.
My favorite thing this week was... My favorite thing this week was watching Big Hero 6 with the family.
My kiddos favorite thing this week was... The girls really loved getting new pairs of cowboy boots.
The girls new cowboy boots.
Things I'm working on... I'm trying to get the kids bedroom in order, but only time will tell.
I'm grateful for... I'm grateful for our safe trip home.  There were a couple of times when the snow and ice got a little too much for our wiper blades.
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Until next time,
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