Saturday, April 18, 2015

A Change of Plans

Have you ever had one of those weeks where a huge problem is dropped on your life like a bomb?  As I mention last week, we had finalized all of our trip plans and the kids were counting down to our vacation.  Then on Sunday the bomb dropped.  A situation came up that caused a huge problem.  A disagreement that had to be resolved.  It took three very tense days for an acceptable resolution to be found.  In the wake of the disagreement Mr. Daddy and I had to make a very difficult decision.  We had to cancel our planned vacation to North Carolina.  We felt that as a result of the disagreement the vacation would tense and unpleasant for everyone involved.  We took a loss by canceling our flight and scrambled to come up with a replacement vacation.  We were able to find a great deal on a last minute cruise out of New Orleans.  We were able to soften the blow of disappointment, for the kids, by finding the cruise and the promise of seeing family and friends in Kansas City later this summer.  Sometimes changes have to be made in our plans. 
A change in plans can happened for many reasons.  It could be a great new opportunity has just become available to you, or you can be blind sided by something unexpected.  The fact that sometimes we are subjected to unpleasant situations is part of life.  Maybe it's just something people don't like to talk about, but our journey isn't always going to be enjoyable.  My goal for my journey is to handle the changes in plan with as much of a positive attitude as I can muster at that time, and hope that when I look back at the situation I can feel proud of how I handled it.  Even when we do our best to handle the situation as gently as possible, feelings can be hurt.  Our change in plans has caused some disappointment in friends and family that we will not get to see as planned, but we made the choice that we felt was best for our family.  Does this mean our journey is doomed?
A bad start or a good start is no indicator of how the journey will turn out.  Things change constantly changing regardless of what we want.  While the reason for change and change itself wasn't fun or enjoyable we have high hopes for our cruise.  I'm scrambling to find packing tips for cruising with the kids and trying to come up with new ways to make our new journey enjoyable.  We are driving 16 hours each way to get to New Orleans and back, so I'm looking for some new ideas to make the journey fun for the kids.  Our new plans include several possible stops in places we haven't been to before.  To a homeschool mom that sounds like learning opportunities, ones that were not available before.  Remember, a change of plans is really just a change of opportunities.

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