Saturday, April 11, 2015

About the Journey

This past week was our first week of no school for the summer.  The kids have been playing and releasing a lot of pent up energy.  Mr. Daddy and I have spent more time finishing up the necessary reservations for our vacation. It feels like we have been planning this trip forever.  In reality the planning started in February and we have done little things here and there.  We are currently about 2 weeks out from the start of our travel and the kids have started counting down.  It seems to me like we take a lot of time planning.  We plan where we want to go, what we want to do when we get there, and how we can get their and back as quickly as possible.  Call me old fashion but I have fond memories of family vacations and my favorites were usually road trips.  Why are the road trips my favorite? 
Road trips are my favorite because I come from a family of STRANGE GEEKS!  Every night we sat down together at the table and had dinner.  Every Sunday was family day.  We would do puzzles, watch movies, and just hang out as a family.  The strangeness didn't stop there.  We had silly songs we sing only on road trips and car games we only play on road trips.  Yes there were moments of, "she's touching me," and, "he took my toy."  We are strange geeks, not perfect angels.  My mom must have enjoyed all the crazy noise, but she did her best to make us look at the scenery around us.  She stressed the importance of enjoying the process of getting there.  To her, the journey was part of the experience and should be enjoyed as much as the vacation itself. 
A thought occurred to me one night while I was stressing about the details of our trip.  What about the journey?  Now I had calculated how much driving time and flying time the trip will include, but how was I going to make the journey an enjoyable part of the experience?  My kids have made the 6 plus hour car drive from here to Kansas City several times this last fall.  In case you have never driven across Kansas, it is very flat and a rather boring drive.  We attempt to make it more fun by counting wind turbines, certain color of cars and cows.  We are driving to Kansas City early so we have a couple of days to visit friends and family in the area.  The kids are really looking forward to visiting with them.  The kids are also taking their very first airplane ride and seem to be looking forward to that part.  What if we took the idea about enjoying the journey farther?  What if we applied it to every day life?

This summer we are going to attempt to enjoy the journey to the start of a new school year.  Join us as we try to bring fun to every day.  Join us as we make it about the journey and not the destination.

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