Saturday, May 16, 2015

An Afternoon Drive

Hey y'all!  How was your week?  Mine has been just an afternoon drive.  Nothing exciting but fun just the same.  I had a nice quiet Mother's day with the family.  Bee performed a little skit at church.  The kids did a really good job.  After a nice lunch at home the girls and I went to see the new movie "Home."  It wasn't a fantastic movie, but it was cute and fun to see.  Mr. Daddy had ordered me a gift but it still hasn't even been shipped yet, so he encouraged me to order a new purse. 
I ordered this beautiful purse and wallet, by Loungefly, on Amazon and received them this week.  Can you tell I'm a geek and LOVE Star Wars? I also "needed" a rebel symbol key chain to complete my look.  I'm super happy that my husband loves me enough to remind me I deserve to spend money on myself sometimes. 

I was trying to teach the kids acts of service, so I  took the kids to the church to pull weeds. 
Kids picking up sticks.

Bee pulling weeds in the parking lot.

Bug packing it in after working hard.

Mr. Mister not happy about being in the stroller because he kept wandering off.

I'm not sure if what I was hoping teach them sank in, but they actually had fun. They have asked several times since to go back and pull more weeds.  Who knew?!

I have also been trying to make plans for some homeschool extra activities, but so far all we have managed is playing outside and some scooter riding.

Until next time,
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Saturday, May 9, 2015


Hey y'all! If you read my last post you know, I haven't been missing in action, I was on a cruise!  The week of the 25th I was so busy packing and then on the 25th we had already started driving so there was no time to post.  The next week we were cruising.  We didn't even get home until late on the night of the 3rd.  It was a fun and exciting vacation, but it was an unforgettable journey. 

Saturday, April 25 - Garden City, KS - Mount Pleasant, TX
I don't know how you start your vacations, but Bug starts hers by falling out of the bed and getting a black eye. 
Bug's black eye
After we managed to get everyone dressed, hair fixed, teeth brushed we loaded up the van and left Garden City, KS, early. We fed the kids muffins in the van while we drove.  Being the mean parents that we are they didn't get to play with electronics they had to play with dolls, read books, and play car games.
The girls look like they are suffering.

Mr. Mister alternated between playing with toys and throwing them at his sisters.  He was actually very good considering it was an 8 hour day.

Mr. Daddy and I got to talk and enjoy spending time together.  The drive through Kansas wasn't too bad since we didn't have to go through much.
Driving with Mr. Daddy.

Oklahoma was a new state for us to visit as a family.  We stopped at this fun roadside attraction.
Indian Trading Post
After we made it to Mount Pleasant, TX, we were happy to stop for the night.  Mr. Daddy and I had full blown colds  by his point so I had to make our traditional stop at a Walgreens. (The trip to Walgreens on every vacation started when I got sick on our wedding night and Mr. Daddy had to make a run to buy Pepto for me.  It seems like we always have to make a trip for some reason or another every vacation. Now it's just a tradition.)

Sunday, April 26 - Mount Pleasant, TX - New Orleans
We ate a good breakfast at the hotel and loaded up the van and took off toward New Orleans.  We spent most of our day driving through Louisiana.  I had no idea it would take so long.  We did stop at a beautiful rest stop in Louisiana and the girls got to rest in true southern belle style.
Bug doing her best "rest" impersonation.

Bee doing her Southern Belle impersonation.

Monday, April 27 - New Orleans - Embarking

We started out our day with a simple breakfast and then we wasted some time at a Barnes and Noble.  While we trying to figure out how to grab some lunch and find our way to port we were hit with a huge thunder storm.  It was raining so hard there was over a foot of water standing in the roads.
  It managed to stop raining long enough for us to park the van and head into the port.  Since we came prepared with paperwork in hand and had several small kids we made it through the process relatively quickly.  Once we were on board we checked out our cabin, got something to eat from the buffet on the Lido deck, and checked out kids camp.  After a quick nap and a muster drill we set out to sea.

Tuesday, April 28 - Day at Sea
Happy Birthday to me! 
The weather last night and this morning has given everyone but Mr. Daddy and Mr. Mister sea sickness.  Mr. Daddy, who is prone to motion sickness, had already taken preventative measures.  After some motion sickness medicine and a nap I felt much better, but we all felt the rocking of the ship all day long.  The girls really enjoyed themselves at kid's camp and Mr. Mister even got to enjoy some play time they offer just for kids under the age of 2.  We celebrated my birthday by going to the fancy dinner. 

Wednesday, April 29th - Cozumel, Mexico
We woke up to beautiful weather.  It is truly amazing how blue the water is.
Me and Mr. Daddy in Cozumel.
We spent the morning visiting shops and looking around in Cozumel.   We heading back on board for lunch and let the girls go to kids camp.  The ship was so quiet and so enjoyable.
Our ship in Cozumel

Thursday, April 30 - Progreso, Mexico
This morning we woke up at port.  There wasn't anything right off ship to do so we spent the day being lazy on the ship.

Friday, May 1 - Day at Sea
We are already heading back towards New Orleans, but got to enjoy an awesome brunch.  Then we spend the rest of the day relaxing.
Bee with crafts made at kids camp.

Mr. Mister enjoying a stroll on the decks.
Bug with her face painted at kids camp.

Saturday, May 2 - New Orleans - Marshall, TX
Happy Birthday Bug!  We woke up in port, and felt like we hurried up to wait.  We got everyone up, dressed, and grabbed some breakfast.  Then we sat around and waited to leave the ship.  It felt like it took forever, but it really wasn't too bad.

Once we got back in the van we heading out.  We knew we had to at least reach Texas to have any hope of making it home on time.

Sunday, May 3 - Marshall, TX - Garden City, KS
We just wanted to get home, so this day felt like it took forever.  By the time we reached Kansas we had hit a huge thunder storm.  It was raining hard and tumbleweeds were blowing like crazy.  When we did get home it was past time for the kids to be asleep.  We emptied the van and fell into bed. We spent the next day just doing laundry and going grocery shopping.

After our cruise I have decided that a cruise is all about the journey.  There are lots of different cruise lines and they go tons of different places, but what makes a cruise great is the journey.  There are wonderful things to do and see while you are going to new and exciting places. 

Until next time,

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