Saturday, May 16, 2015

An Afternoon Drive

Hey y'all!  How was your week?  Mine has been just an afternoon drive.  Nothing exciting but fun just the same.  I had a nice quiet Mother's day with the family.  Bee performed a little skit at church.  The kids did a really good job.  After a nice lunch at home the girls and I went to see the new movie "Home."  It wasn't a fantastic movie, but it was cute and fun to see.  Mr. Daddy had ordered me a gift but it still hasn't even been shipped yet, so he encouraged me to order a new purse. 
I ordered this beautiful purse and wallet, by Loungefly, on Amazon and received them this week.  Can you tell I'm a geek and LOVE Star Wars? I also "needed" a rebel symbol key chain to complete my look.  I'm super happy that my husband loves me enough to remind me I deserve to spend money on myself sometimes. 

I was trying to teach the kids acts of service, so I  took the kids to the church to pull weeds. 
Kids picking up sticks.

Bee pulling weeds in the parking lot.

Bug packing it in after working hard.

Mr. Mister not happy about being in the stroller because he kept wandering off.

I'm not sure if what I was hoping teach them sank in, but they actually had fun. They have asked several times since to go back and pull more weeds.  Who knew?!

I have also been trying to make plans for some homeschool extra activities, but so far all we have managed is playing outside and some scooter riding.

Until next time,
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