Saturday, June 27, 2015

Heading into Rush Hour

Hey y'all! How was your week? My week was uneventful, which as all mommies know is nice.  Have you ever had to drive through a major metropolitan city during rush hour?  Having lived in the Kansas City metro area it is an event to avoid if at all possible.  Preparing to parent the next month without much help is like preparing to take a trip into rush hour, on purpose.  I would rather not have to parent with out Mr. Daddy as back up, but we do not really have any other option.  Let's talk about something happy first, our Father's day road trip.

Mr. Mister with Great Grandma
We had a wonderful time in St. Joseph. The kids got to see all their grandparents, except Oma who lives in North Carolina.  They haven't seen them in over 6 months. 

Bee and Bug with Great Grandma

The kids had a ton of fun spending time with family and generally being crazy. I was lucky enough to get to spend some time with Mama Rosie.  It was really nice to have an hour of time with no kids and talking with an old friend.

Mr. Daddy, Mr. Mister, and Grandpa B doing a puzzle.

Monday we got to spend some time with our Sweet Southern Friends.  The big kids played outside together, while the two little ones played inside.  It was so nice to be able to spend time with our friends.  I really miss getting to spend time with them every week. 

The girls' Tae Kwon Do lessons were more difficult this week because Mr. Daddy was super busy with work.  Previously Mr. Daddy watched Mr. Mister while I took the girls to their lessons, but he wasn't able to help this week.  Mr. Mister doesn't like being confined to a stroller and 2 hours is a long time for anyone.  The instructor came to our rescue and allowed Bee to do her lesson with Bug and cut down our sitting time to only 1 hour.

I'm hoping to take several weekend trips to Kansas City in July.  It should keep the kids busy and allow them to spend time with friends and family.  It also allows me access to resources that I don't have here, can you say homeschool supplies! Here's hoping it goes smoothly.
Until next time,
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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Road Trip!

Join me, Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers , and The Homeschool Mother's Journal  as we recap our week.

Hey y'all! How was your week? My week has been rather busy. Bee and Bug started Tae Kwon Do lessons this week.  They have 1 hour lessons on Tuesday and Thursday nights. They have a wonderful instructor who patient and fun.

Bug is the only one in her class, which is probably good because she has hard time paying  attention and listening.  The instructor's patience is already paying off because she is listening better and already learning blocks and kicks.
Bee is really enjoying the classes too. She practices the blocks and kicks she learns so much she has managed to bruise her forearm.
I have been asking Mr. Daddy for a couple of weeks what he wanted to do for Father's day. He had been saying he just wanted to relax at home. This week I pointed out how much he was going to be working next month and asked if he was sure he didn't to do a weekend trip, he changed his mind. Thursday night he was pretty set on a trip to Wichita but by Friday night we were making hotel reservations for St. Joseph, MO. Saturday morning we got up early, packed, and were out the door to visit family and friends.
Until next time,
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Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Usual Journey

Join me, Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers, and The Homeschool Mother's Journal as we recap our week.

Hey y'all!  How was your week?  My week was pleasantly uneventful.  I went through the girls new curriculum and got it organized for the new school year.  I was excited to discover that about half of the books needed for Bug's curriculum are available on Kindle.  We usually try to find these books at our public library, but since they are such wonderful books we sometimes like to purchase them for our own personal use.  There is nothing like holding a book in your hand, but it's so much easier to move a kindle as opposed to several boxes of books.  Since we move so often this is a real consideration for us.  Every little bit of downsizing helps.

I tried to do some planning for the remainder of our summer.  It's sounding like Mr. Daddy is going to be very busy at work starting in July.  When this happens it feels like the kids are more difficult than normal.  I'm  hoping that having plenty of activities will use up energy and give them something to look forward to.  So far the girls are now signed up for Tae Kwon Do twice a week and start this next Tuesday.  They are very excited and have been talking about being ninjas.  My hope is that they get some exercise and it helps Bug learn to focus.  I'm hoping to get the girls signed up for swim lessons either this summer or earlier this fall. 

I'm also trying to plan some road trips to visit family and friends in Kansas City and St. Louis.   The girls are hoping that I will magically make a trip to visit my mom happen, but it's not likely.  There are also some talk of grandparents coming to visit us here.  I trying to fit everyone in but, it sometimes feels like an impossible dream.

Until next time,
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Friday, June 5, 2015

Keep on Moving

Join me, Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers, and The Homeschool Mother's Journal as we recap our week.
Hey Y'all! I'm sorry I have been a slacker.  We have  had a week of almost constant raining followed by a week of me trying to not lose my mind while the kids tried to burn off their pent up energy.  I will try to do better, starting with this week. 

Mr. Mister going down the slide by himself.

Bug sliding like she has no fear.

Bee taking just a moment break.
We took the kids to the zoo in our town on Sunday afternoon.  Our local zoo has a nice park in the middle of it and the kids played for a couple of hours.  Mr. Mister mastered the slide and it became difficult to get him to leave when the time came.  Bee loved the balance beam the bounced as you walked on it. Bug loved just running around and being wild.
My phone decided it wanted to die this week.  I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 Active that my husband picked out for me just before Mr. Mister was born.  I have looking at the new S6, but I was trying to hold out for the water proof one that is rumored to be coming.  So, since I couldn't wait any longer Mr. Daddy upgraded my phone to the S6.

I spent a good portion of this week doing some downsizing.  I pulled out our tubs of old curriculum and completed curriculum and DOWNSIZED! I went through and kept examples of each subject for each grade and tossed the rest out. I also have a huge pile of books that we are donating to our local library. We also dropped off a load of clothes and toys to the Goodwill.  I am determined to get rid of the unneeded and unused "stuff" in our home.

So there is the long and short of our week. 
Until next time,
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