Saturday, July 25, 2015

On the Road Again

Join me, Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers , and The Homeschool Mother's Journal  as we recap our week.
Hey y'all! was your week? My week was a busy one. The girls had their last Tae Kwon Do lessons this week.  The girls are both interested in taking lessons when they start back up in September. We should be started with our new school year by then.

The girls woke up Thursday not feeling well. They were pretty much down for the count the whole day. This made a busy day turn into a stressful one. Mr.Mister  wanted to snuggle with them, but I was worried about them sharing the bug. I also needed to do laundry, pack, and do some last minute shopping. I'm sad to say it wasn't  my best mommy day. There were plenty of extra naps and the kids went to bed early.

Friday morning didn't start out on the best foot, I fell down a couple of stairs and almost took Mr.Mister with me.  I did my best to finish packing and loaded up the van. The drive was mostly calm with only one,"I need to go to the bathroom right now," unscheduled stop. We did hit rush hour right as we got to Kansas City.  All  the crazy road construction made the short time we were in it tense. When we got to the in-laws' I realized I forgot to pack my toothbrush and my glasses. Not my finest moment,  but at least  it wasn't something the kids needed.
The got to play in the backyard and, "run around like wild hoodlums." Pray for our safety and my sanity for this road trip.

Until next time,
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