Saturday, August 8, 2015

The End of Summer

Join me, Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers , and The Homeschool Mother's Journal  as we recap our week
Hey y'all! How was your week? My week has been busy, that's why my post is so late.  We have been trying to mark a few more things off our summer bucket list and get ready for the start of our school year.  We took a road trip for Mr. Daddy's class reunion.  We spent Monday and Tuesday getting ready for our road trip and finalizing our plans.  Since we both went to the same high school in St. Joseph, MO, it wasn't too difficult to plan.

We left Wednesday morning, even though the reunion events didn't start until Friday night, so Mr. Daddy could play poker with some of his old friends that night.  He had a good time and even came in second place.

Thursday we did some clothes and shoe shopping in the morning.  Mr. Daddy stayed at the hotel with Bug and Mr. Mister for nap time while Bee and I ran some errands.  We ran to an office supply store and got the Spanish workbook printed and bound without any drama. (If you want to know the story about the last time I tried to get it printed you can read it here.)  We rant to a local teacher  supply store and picked out special pencils for her and Bug to use this year.  My mom did this with me and my siblings, when we were young, and then with her grandkids every year. We decided to keep this tradition alive.  Then, after much prompting from Mr. Daddy, I got a pedicure. It was 45 minutes of pure bliss.  If you have never had a pedicure I highly recommend it.  I use to think a pedicure was a waist of money, I could paint my own toenails for free.  After a couple of pedicures I realized it's not just the painted toenails, it's the rest of the process.  Having your feet soak in war bubbly water, having your feet scrubbed and massaged, having your calves massaged, all while sitting in a massage chair.  Bliss! I believe it's a must try. 

Grandma and Uncle Cody came to the hotel to visit.  Then we went out for dinner at Chick-fil-a.  The kids loved playing in the play area and the grown ups enjoyed being able to talk.  Later that night we took the kids swimming at the pool in the hotel.  We were pleasantly surprised to find the water warmer this time. 

Friday morning we did some school supply shopping.  Missouri's tax free weekend started on Friday.  We got erasers, crayons, pencils, notebook paper, glue and glue sticks.  We got pretty much the basics.  The girls got to go to grandma's house and spend the night. Mr. Daddy, Mr. Mister and I got to go out to dinner with one of Mr. Daddy's oldest friends and his girlfriend. It was so much fine to spend time with them.  Then Mr. Mister and I went back to the hotel while Mr. Daddy went to a casual mixer for his reunion. 

Saturday morning we picked the girls up and took them to tour our old high school.  It seems so strange to be back at our old school. 
The girls really got a kick out the old payphones at school.  We explained that when we went to school we didn't have cell phones, we had to use payphones. Their was a family picnic in the afternoon, but the kids didn't last too long at since it  was right at their nap/quiet time.   Mr. Daddy and I decided to skip the fancy dinner that evening and just go see a movie.  We were blessed to have grandma watching the kids at the hotel for us. 

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