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The Homeschool Weekly Buzz - August 29, 2015

Join me, Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers,  The Homeschool Mother's Journal, and
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Hey y'all! How was your week?  My week felt very overwhelming.  My printer is giving me fits.  It doesn't copy or print reliably and it burns through ink like nobody's business.  It decided to run out of ink late Wednesday.  This caused me huge problems when I was trying to print off quizzes and tests.  I'm so over this printer and would love to find a new one that's a good deal. 

Just because our life wasn't exciting enough we have had both car trouble and house trouble.  I went to open the passenger side sliding door on the van and the handle fell off.  I wasn't pulling hard on it, but it happened as if I had hulked out. I found and ordered the part off of Amazon, but once it arrives I will probably have to find a mechanic to put it on for me. Thank goodness it wasn't an expensive part, like $20, so I hope it won't cost too much to get it put on. 

Our house trouble has arrived in the form of a mouse.  Mr. Daddy and I were watch TV at night when we saw the mouse out of the corner of our eye.  So we called the landlord, bought mouse traps and the plug in mouse deterrents.  We think it came in through the dryer vent that goes outside. We replaced it and got spray foam to fill in around it. The mouse seemed to be laughing at us and avoided the traps. Here's hoping we get rid of it soon.

Our homeschool schedule has me feeling like I'm constantly on the go.  In the morning I'm keeping Bug and Mr. Mister busy.  During naptime I'm doing preschool with Bug and answering any of Bee's questions. It used to be I would have some time to myself during naptime, but now I just feel exhausted by the end of the day. 

Despite this I have been feeling lead to start a youtube channel.  I have no idea what God is planning or how it will happen.  I started this blog as an outlet for myself, but it has never really been popular or read by many.  It is my guess that if God wants me to start a youtube channel, he will make it happen.  I have no idea what the channel would be about or who would even watch it.  Please pray for me.

Bee is doing well.  She just took her first Spanish test and scored a 100%.  She is also enjoying being able to type up her composition final drafts, instead of having to write them by hand.
Bee doing composition.
I'm lucky that she can do a decent amount of her work by herself. Memoria Press isn't really set up to do multiple grades at the same time. 
Figuring out how to do preschool with Bug is making me crazy.  She really wants to be sitting at the table with Bee, "doing school" constantly.  The Memoria Press' Junior Kindergarten curriculum is only for two days a week.  The two crafts a week is a bit much for me to do, for only one child. 
I guess I'm just not the "little kid" crafts sort of person.  I may have to cut it down to just one craft a week.  I bought some dollar tree preschool books to give her some extra alphabet and number practice.
Mr. Mister is doing well with how our homeschool days are currently set up.  He enjoys watching a kids program in the mornings or spend time playing with Mr. Daddy. 
After naptime and a snack he will play in his highchair while Bug finishes any school work not finished during naptime. I'm hoping to get him to the point of being able to sit in his highchair in the morning so I can have quiet time back for a mommy break.

Well, that was our week.  If you have any suggestions or ideas please leave a comment.
Until next time,
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  1. Your kids are adorable! I have never looked in Memoria Press...but my 5 and 3 year olds love crafts! We also had a mouse in our rental house a few weeks ago! I bought the little black, round mouse "hotel" and we caught it in a day or two!


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