Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Homeschool Weekly Buzz - September 26, 2015

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Hey y'all! How was your week? My week was a little rough.  I struggled with fighting sickness all week.  I never really got outright sick, I just felt super tired and couldn't focus at all.  Sad to say but we spent several days just surviving and not really doing school work. Now on to our homeschool week.

Bee really enjoyed taking a bit of a break while Mr. Mister and I fought with being sick. She worked well, but I believe her favorite part of it all was doing crafts with Bug. 
Bee and her fall corn.
She is still avoiding "Adam of the Road" like it's the flu.  She usually LOVES reading, so it's really hard for me to understand why she wants to avoid this book.  Hopefully this week will go better.

Bug learned the letter "F" and the number "5." She seemed to figure out how to write them very quickly. 
Bug doing her best fish face.
She enjoyed doing crafts with Bee and Mr. Mister.  She is getting really good at using scissors.

Mr. Mister has Mr. Mister had some health issues this week also.  Tuesday morning a zit like spot showed up on his little bum.  I called his pediatrician and they got us in right away.  She put him on some antibiotics, said to soak him in a warm bath 3 times a day, to hope that it resolves on it's own.  We made a second trip to the pediatrician later in the week and finally ended up in the ER on Friday night.  Mr. Daddy had to drive out and meet me, after working a 14 hour day, to watch the girls.  They had to lance the abscess, drain it, and pack it with gauze.  They were really good to make sure Mr. Mister wasn't in any pain during the whole process. He's recovering nicely.
Mr. Mister and his ear of corn.
He felt well enjoy to enjoy some crafts by the end of the week.

Well, that was our week.  Thank you for stopping by, please feel free to leave a comment.  I love hearing from y'all.
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