Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Homeschool Weekly Buzz - December 19, 2015

Hey y'all! How was your week? My week has been filled with the typical week before Christmas activities. All of the kids gifts had be bought and wrapped.  I must say our tree looks silly without gifts under it, but Mr. Mister and Bug won't leave them alone.  I had to put them all up in a closet after one day of them being under the tree.  I guess it will be a couple of years until we can have them out.  We finished up our last week of homeschooling for 2015 on Friday.  We are planning on taking two weeks off for Christmas break.  Now, on to our homeschool week.

Bee really worked hard this last week and was able to finish her school work on Thursday.  She was so proud of finishing this year with a 100% on her Robin Hood quiz. She was really excited to do crafts with Bug and Mr. Mister.

Bug has had a really difficult time behaving this last week.  I'm sure all the extra sugar and activities haven't helped, but she's really pushing my buttons.  She did a good job finishing her school work once she calmed down enough to focus.  We were even able to do a couple of crafts at the end of the week.

Mr. Mister seems to have decided he likes using the big boy potty this week.  He has gone several times and stayed dry for longer and longer periods of time.  He still wants to wear diapers and when he tries on his underwear he wants to wear them like pants.  He also enjoyed the crafts we did at the end of the week.

Well, that was our week.  Thank you for stopping by, please feel free to leave a comment.  I love hearing from y'all.

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