The decision to homeschool was a difficult one filled with plenty of sacrifices, but one we felt God has called us to.  We are currently in our sixth year of homeschooling and learning new things every day. We had moved from Missouri to Kansas and had fun learning about the state regulations.  All homeschools are classified as Non-Accredited Private Schools in Kansas and must follow the regulations set forth by law. 

 As part of these regulations we had to name our "school" so we chose Dunamis Academy.  Dunamis or dynamis is an Ancient Greek word meaning "power", "capability", "strength", or "force." Knowledge is power after all.  Our motto, Dum spiro spero," translates, "While I have breath, I hope."  We try to live each day with hope. 

     We are using a First Grade and Junior Kindergarten curriculum from  Memoria Press.  We chose this curriculum because of the strong emphasis of the Classics. We are also add extras as we go along.  We have used their Preschool through Sixth Grade Curriculum and were very happy with the results.

     We are trying something new this year. Because First grade and Junior Kindergarten take so much attention we are using a different curriculum for Seventh Grade.  We are going with Time 4 Learning, so that Bee can be more independent.  She is very excited about doing  her school work mostly on the computer.